Storage Solution

I.T. Solutions represents an extensive network of infocomm technology   providers.  Backed by a long history of successful server and storage   projects, I.T. Solutions is able to provide expertise and solutions for   all your server and storage needs.

Our extensive server and storage services include:

Server and storage maintenance: We offer a complete range of maintenance services to ensure that your   servers and storage equipment are kept in good shape for round-the-clock business access. Server and storage consolidation. Our experienced solution architects work with you to develop cost-effective server and storage consolidation solutions.  These solutions include server and storage farms, upgrading to new technology and storage virtualisation. Data protection and recovery Accidents or disasters can dramatically impact on businesses. Preparedness is key.  We offer a wide range of solutions that includes business continuity and recovery (BCP), archiving, disk backup and enterprise tape backup. Storage management services. The Internet has opened the floodgates to information.  The inevitable result of this is the need to store and manage data for convenient access.

Our full suite of storage services revolves around the storage management life cycle of:
Assessment: Identifying storage investments and risks
Design: Solutioning according to storage requirements
Deployment: Selecting and implementing the storage solution
Service Functions: Rolling out secondary storage, backup and recovery requirements
Management: Developing and managing storage process and procedures
Validation: Verifying storage resources
I.T. Solutions database professionals help you convert data into information, and information into actionable knowledge in the areas listed below.
Analysis Design
Performance Assessments and Tuning
Data Warehousing / Data Marts/ Data Mining
Storage Area Networks
Data Management
Data Conversion
Data Migration
Directory Architecture Development and Implementation